Project Result 3: the Business2030 MOOC

Starting from the training Toolkit developed in the previous phase, project partners have adapted the content to create 8 engaging online modules. The learning path is designed in a modular way so that each learner can decide whether to complete all the modules or select the most interesting ones.

This online course aims at developing your professional skills to support your organization in the green transition.

Inside this MOOC students will find 8 short modules:

  1. The 2030 Agenda and the landscape of small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe
  2. Sustainability practices for SMEs (energy, waste, resources)
  3. Circular Economy
  4. Staff training and professional development
  5. Management, leadership and SME culture
  6. Implementation
  7. Building, sustaining, developing human networks of local stakeholders
  8. National and EU resources and funding for SMEs

All the modules in the Business2030 MOOC are free and, once students have registered and created an account on the e-learning platform, to access their content, they can simply click on the title of each course to obtain an overview of its objectives and program, and on “Start course” to begin the session. Each of the eight modules has the following structure:
– a short video introduction
– one or more sections including lessons, videos, quizzes, resources, and activities related to the topics covered by the module
– a final quiz

The Business 2030 MOOC is an unprecedented opportunity for employees of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to learn about the principles of sustainability and progress along their career paths.